Maria Spethmann


Department of Physics
University of Basel
Klingelbergstrasse 82
CH-4056 Basel, Switzerland

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Short CV

2021 - present: Ph.D. student in the Condensed Matter Theory & Quantum Computing group at the University of Basel, supervisors: Prof. D. Loss and Prof. J. Klinovaja
2020 - 2020:Master of Science in Physics, RWTH Aachen University
Master's thesis: "Random Phase Approximation Approach to Encapsulated and Twisted Bilayer Graphene", supervisors: Prof. D. Kennes and Prof. C. Honerkamp
2016 - 2020: Bachelor of Science in Physics, RWTH Aachen University
Bachelor's thesis: "Time Efficient Uncertainty Estimate of the Fixed Order Higgs Boson Mass Calculation in the MSSM", supervisor: Prof. M. Krämer


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